Concrete Mix Price

The concrete mix price can be a little tough to calculate which is usually why I would suggest mixing your own concrete. This is because the mix price will be charged to you at a standard rate (if you are paying per pound or per cubic inch or what have you) but you will never be able to calculate what the water to concrete mix ratio you are getting and thus you might be getting charged a concrete mix price that is much higher than it should be in order for a realistic interpretation of what you are going to get for your money. The issue with this calculation of concrete mixing price is that concrete can retain a lot of water. Make no mistake, when I say a lot of water I mean a lot of water. It can also maintain a string enough water content and still work that most other things could not. For example if you filled up a water balloon with too much water then you would reach a certain point before the thing simply popped under the pressure that it had taken on. But if you filled up a lot of concrete with a lot of water it would get to a point where it was very mushy, even mushier than normal, but would also reasonably still harden. Because water evaporates in the sun, you only really need enough concrete in the mixture of water and concrete to be able to reasonably harden in the sun at some point before going dead. So as long as you have enough sun and enough of a balance and walls an all sides of the concrete so there is no spillage or leakage while it is hardening, you should theoretically be able to handle putting in a lot of water and a little less concrete.

This is a cost cutting tactic for many construction companies. It doesn’t sound like a big deal so if you’re sitting there thinking to yourself that it couldn’t possibly be that big of a deal then you’re correct. It really is not that big of a deal, if you are doing a small project. If you are doing a small project they probably wont even try to scam you in the first place because the savings wouldn’t be worth it for them. It would only save them a few cents. But of you’re building a huge foundation for a mall parking garage and you need precision, they could easily save themselves a thousand dollars by using more water than concrete and you’d get something that wasn’t worth your money. So always be wary of the concrete mix price and ask them how much water was used. Make them keep track.

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