Concrete Patio Cost

According to experts in the construction field, the concrete patio cost is considerably lower when compared with other materials. Nevertheless, when calculating the cost of construction of a concrete patio, you have to take many aspects into consideration to get the final figures right.

The main expenditure which makes up the concrete patio cost is the concrete slab, leveling and pouring. In addition, you have to add the cost of texture as well. Many people contract this type of work and the contractors normally charge according to the square foot dimension of the area. The square feet fee includes the expenditure for preparing the area, pouring of concrete and leveling. In the USA, the cost for a square foot normally comes in the range of $5 to $10.

You can make an uncomplicated foundation with reinforcing concrete and gravel. Look at how much you have to spend on gravel if you are going to make your own. In America, you have to spend about $ 25 to $50 for a ton of gravel. Nowadays, many use prepared concrete, as it reduces human effort in making concrete thereby bringing down the concrete patio cost. Pre-mixed concrete is about $15 to $20 for 50 pounds. Nevertheless, this amount might differ according to the quality of the concrete purchased.

Many people now prefer their patios textured. If you want your concrete patio textured, then you have to spend an additional amount for the task which increases the concrete patio cost. Suppose you need to purchase stamped concrete, blocks of this type comes around to $14 to $20 for one square foot. In addition, you have to add some amount for removing the old flooring, if you have one. Normally, removing old flooring involves time and effort which definitely will cost you more in the end.

Basically, builders use sealers on the top layers of the patios they make. This is necessary to enforce sealing the surface of the entire patio. A quality sealer may cost you in between $50 to $100. Although the above-mentioned figures are the basics, these could be changed according to price fluctuation in the market. You have to check prices with concrete makers, or agents to know the correct prices of items. There are places that supply the necessary tools on rent. If you want to make the patio on your own, you could reduce the cost with rented tools. Many contractors for this type of work are available on the Internet. These sites also supply average prices for necessary items and labor costs which will help in knowing what the concrete patio cost will be.

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