Concrete Paving Slabs

There are many types of paving slabs. Each type has a specific use in application. The flag or slabs are a commonly used concrete paving slab it is used mainly in countries such as Europe and America. Concrete paving slabs have a wide array of uses. These slabs are used in walkways, pavements and even as flooring in outdoor areas. The reason concrete slabs are used is mainly due to the fact that is the cheapest and most durable solution for outdoor uses. Despite the crude appearance of concrete paving slabs, they are highly resistant to high temperatures, winds and even debris. Concrete paving slabs are created by pressing concrete using hydraulic mechanisms. This causes the excess water within the concrete to be expelled. The concrete is left aside to cure and dry. Concrete paving slabs come in a wide array of sizes. Custom sizes can also be created by contacting the manufacturer. The average thickness for concrete paving slabs is between 63mm and 70mm. This type is ideal for walkways and driveways. Concrete paving slabs of thinner nature is generally more fragile and have lower lifetime than 63-70mm slabs.

Concrete paving slabs come in a wide array of colors and finishes. Texture variations can also be found if the manufacturer is informed beforehand. Some of more common textures and colors are smooth ground texture, shot blast, exposed granite aggregate and ground decorative aggregate. Another way do make concrete paving slabs more attractive is by mixing different textures and finishes together. This process is relatively easy when paving bricks and borders are combined together to form border forms and panels. Popular combinations are buff textures with red aggregate. Maintaining a concrete paving slab area is simple. All that is required is an occasional sweeping to remove rubble and debris. Algal build ups and mortar pointing is common. Many of these issues can be removed using a pressure washer. The solution to avoid issues such as algae and vegetation from growing is to use dry sand jointing or resin-based mortars to join the slabs together.

Second hand concrete paving slabs are also popular. Due to the durable nature of concrete slabs it is not uncommon to see second hand slabs within the market. Second hand concrete paving slabs are cheaper and available in bulk in locations such as salvage yards and garden centers.

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