Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump trucks are a common sight now in the construction field. In the past, people made concrete in separate vast areas amidst machineries and equipment within the respective construction sites. It was a troublesome process. However, with the development of construction technologies, new machineries, methods, and techniques that are appearing in the field of construction, tasks become much easier than the past. A concrete pump truck can carry concrete to construction sites and pump it to the relevant areas without obstructing the other processes of the sites.

A concrete pump truck is powered with diesel. It has a long hose attached that propels pre-mixed concrete to the areas where workers have no easy access as well as to any other scheduled areas. The trailer-mounted concrete pump truck is also available now. Irrespective of the sizes of projects, a suitable concrete pump truck is available. For example, a more sophisticated concrete pump truck has booms that can be extended to more than 61 meters. When building many storied buildings and skyscrapers, builders use this type of concrete trucks to pump concrete to great heights with minimum access obstructions.

The hose range of concrete pump truck starts from 17 meters to 61 meters. They have three to four part models as well as models which have five section parts as well. You can purchase a single axle concrete pump truck that is more useful for construction sites with limited space. Multi-axle concrete pumps trucks are common sights at larger sites, as they have long hoses and many extra components to access high places and it also can contain a large amount of concrete.

You can see at least one huge concrete pump truck at massive construction sites and they are sometimes permanently on the spot until the project is completed. Nevertheless, their potential to reach any area of the site with their powerful booms to provide concrete for various tasks cannot be denied. They can contain large amounts of ready-mixed concrete enough for most of the work of the site as well. Ultra modern concrete pump trucks have many other technical components easing construction tasks such as remote controls and outriggers.

Some prestigious manufacturers of concrete pump trucks include CIFA, Pumpstar, Reed, Reich, Schwing, Thomson, Olin, Elba, Concord, etc. When the need arises, people find methods to fulfill their needs. The construction field is no exception with today demands of unique machineries, techniques and methods. The concrete pump truck is one such great piece of machinery that was developed to fulfill such human needs, which are unable to reach without the manufacture of great machines.

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