Concrete Retaining Wall

You certainly realize what the significance of the retaining walls is. After all, the stability and quality of the whole construction (building) depends mainly on this wall which is why it needs to be built in the most professional way possible. Don’t get it wrong- the other parts of the construction need to be designed and built professionally also but any small mistakes would not be as significant.

What you are probably thinking about now is what materials are used for building the retaining wall. In reality, there is not a great variety of choices when it comes down to that since the main material used in 99% of the cases is concrete. Yes, that is right- a concrete retaining wall is what you are most likely to see or come across. But being familiar enough with this area would probably mean that you have another question: which kind of concrete is used for a retaining wall?

Yes, that is definitely a very good question and needs some special attention. As you obviously know, there are many kinds of concrete (foam concrete, prestressed concrete, ready mix concrete, reinforced concrete and many others). It would not be a lie or an exaggeration if you were told that more than one kind could be used for constructing a concrete retaining wall. However, there are certain kinds which simply could not be used as the lightweight concrete for example (lightweight concrete is a synonym of foam concrete). The main reasons why it could not be used is the low stability and strength in tension which it has got. After all, a concrete retaining wall needs to be extremely strong and stable as it will be like the ‘spine’ of the whole construction.

Okay, it has been made clear which kind of concrete should not be used. But how is a correct decision made when choosing among several other types which can be used for constructed a retaining wall. Well, the question here comes down to knowing the characteristics of each type so that you can make the decision according to the individual case. For example, if the building is going to be huge, you are likely to choose prestressed concrete or reinforced concrete. Or if you need to use concrete with a special proportion of the ingredients in it (which is not offered on the market) then you will obviously need to make it by renting a concrete mixer and purchasing the ‘ingredients’ needed. It is all very simple, isn’t it?

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