Concrete Roof Tiles

You certainly know that concrete has got many appliances. Or maybe you have at least heard of that. But have your ever asked yourself the question what the usages of concrete actually are? Have you tried to list them or count them? If you have, you certainly know that the list would be endless- retaining walls, constructions, paths, pavements and thousands more…

However, what you are not likely to have heard of is the existence of concrete roof tiles. It does not sound familiar to you, does it? Well, just think about it- could there be any concrete’s characteristic which makes it an inappropriate material for building roofs? Maybe that could be the weight? Yes, that is right but you should not forget that that there are many operations and procedures which could change the physical ‘parameters’ of the material- weight, tension, strength could be easily altered by changing the ‘recipe’ for making the concrete itself.

So it seems like there is nothing to stop you or make you think twice before choosing concrete roof tiles for your home. Obviously, they are not necessarily heavy since their weight could be decreased simply by using lightweight concrete (still known as foam concrete by the way). Of course, it should be mentioned that the concrete for roof tiles is also reinforced and his strength has been increased. That is certainly a great advantage because it makes the roof safe and the tile itself is less likely to break.

And talking about the advantages of concrete roof tiles, we just cannot skip the excellent fire rating. That is definitely to take into consideration when choosing the material for your roof, especially if you live in a region where thunderstorms and lightning are a common sight. It has been proved that by using roof tiles which are made out of concrete, the chances of fire to occur are 10% less. It is certainly know a small percentage so neglecting that fact would be pretty stupid.

Anyway, there is one more advantage which needs to be mentioned- that is the insolating value. Believe it or not, choosing concrete roof tiles will make your home a cheaper place to heat and cool. On average, you will need twice less energy to cool your home in the summer and twice less to keep it warm in the winter. That means that you could even take the purchase of such tiles as an investment which will be returned on very quickly because of the fewer expenses on electricity.

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