Concrete Staining Do It Yourself

You can change and enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces by staining. When people need such changes and enhancement, one effective way is by ‘concrete staining do it yourself’ methods. Nevertheless, before starting on doing the staining yourself, you must gear yourself with some basic knowledge. This does not mean that you have to do experts’ work such as alternatives, decorative methods, and replacements of concrete. Besides, it may cost you more than hiring an expert for the job. However, you can follow a simple concrete staining do it yourself project by yourself once you know the basics.

To start with, there are two types of staining. They are called acrylic stains and acid stains. Acrylic stain pigments dribble easily and absorb with the pores of the concrete and create a semi-transparent appearance such as you get with special dying methods. The appearance that acrylic staining gives is long lasting as well. When using acrylic staining, flaws and discolored places of concrete surfaces disappear to a great extent. On the other hand, acid stains produce chemical reaction on concrete surfaces. The chemical reaction accentuates the natural blotchy, spotted colors, which are translucent to some extent.

Both these type of concrete staining give maximum results on some surfaces. Nevertheless, if you are an experienced ‘concrete staining do it yourself’ handyman, you have to expect a variety of unexpected results at the end. These results prove that one type is more result-oriented than the other on certain conditions. For example, acid staining works better on new concrete surfaces rather than the old ones. The reasons are, with older concrete surfaces, less lime is evidently necessary for chemical reaction to take place. On the other hand, acrylic stains are fine for old concrete surfaces. When concrete is weather beaten, many pores are visible and they expand as well. These pores help to absorb acrylic to the concrete surfaces and produce the maximum results.

Before launching out on a ‘concrete staining do it yourself’ project, you should remember, that it might produce unexpected results. Some times, concrete may look dull after the staining while some may give out beautiful results. When you do concrete surface staining with acid, you should expect results both ways. If you need to prove it yourself, stain two separate concrete slabs with the exact mixture of staining and see the result. There may be vast differences between the two slabs despite your use of the same staining. When preparing surfaces of concrete for the staining, you have to give it special attention as it may cause severe changes to the end results.

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