Concrete Stepping Stones

Concrete stepping stones are much underrated in terms of home décor. Most people see them as a kind of utilitarian thing. Meaning that the only thing someone would have them for would be pure usefulness and not aesthetic appeal. This is because concrete stepping stones are not particularly pretty. Many businesses lately have tried their hand at becoming a success by printing words or images on ordinary stones in order to make good money. It is admittedly a really intelligent business practice. All they have to do to make a lot of money is go to stone yards and seek out large enough concrete blocks to be used as concrete stepping stones, then get a logo printed on it and bam, not only do they have free advertisement, cause people will be displaying these stones everywhere, but they just made great profit without spending hardly any money in the first place except to get the people out there to get the stones. And smaller businesses could even do themselves, since the rocks we use as concrete stepping stones are readily available in nature, they don’t cost the company anything.

The only major expense that might cost them some money would be to have the rocks printed on. Because all the rocks will be of a different makeup and not necessarily polished stones or anything, they will be all different sizes and shapes. No machine would ever be able to be created that would imprint these logos on these irregularly sized objects, so they would have to get people to do this all individually. But because of the large size of the stones, they can charge quite a bit for them without seeming suspicious or without their motives being suspect. People won’t question why they cost so much because they will assume they are getting the size they are paying for, never realizing how little money was spent in making them. Still, even with their relative popularity amongst middle aged mothers and older men and women, these stones are pretty rare. They are not actually rare to be found in stores, but rare to find in people’s yards or anywhere really. They are things that you need to look out for though because when you spot one you can correctly point out how little effort was put into making them. Not that they aren’t pretty, it’s just that they aren’t useful and you almost feel like you’re being cheated out of something. But chances are you couldn’t make one yourself, and as long is that is true, you don’t have the right to complain.

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