Concrete Water Tanks

Many water tanks today are made out of plastic and are quite costly to buy and ship. It is possible to save on water tanks by building concrete water tanks for water storage. Building concrete water tanks will not only take less time, but they last longer than the usual plastic tanks and you can also design them to be whatever size you want.

Concrete water tanks need a strong, level concrete base to be set on. The base should be bigger than the plan on which the actual tank will go. Most concrete water tanks need bases that are around ten by ten feet, so start by digging and then leveling the base out. Dig at least one foot down, or, preferably, eighteen inches.

The next step is to build base forms to the measurements of the concrete water tanks. Cut some wood and attach it together so that it is square and level when laid flat and will fit inside the hole for the water tank. Make sure it is tall enough to be a few inches above the ground.

Concrete water tanks need framework that has grooves in the base for the walls to sit against. A set of boards should be screwed together into a square. Each side length should be the same as the length of the walls of the tank. Then nail two of the boards across the top that are greater in length than the base form.

Then you need to fill the base by first greasing up the inside of the form using form release oil to ensure the wood can be removed once it dries. Fill the first four inches with gravel to promote water drainage. Then put concrete on top until it reaches the top and ensure it is level.

After the concrete dries, get rid of the framework and give it several days to dry. Use plywood and lumber to make the wall forms. They can be built separately or one at a time. Once the walls are set up the concrete can be poured. Keep tapping the form to remove any air bubbles. Then level the concrete off and place a two by four on the top for your roof which you will attach later.

While the concrete is curing, in the concrete water tanks drill a hole in one wall and place the PVC pipe into it for water access. Then let the concrete set around it. The wall forms can be removed after a few days.

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