Density Of Concrete

All of you certainly know that the concrete is an artificial material which is mainly used for building and constructing. As all other materials, concrete has its own characteristics such as density of concrete, color and many others. Unfortunately, talking about all of the characteristics would be impossible within the compass of just one short article. That is why the density of concrete is going to be major topic during the article. Hopefully, you will find the information really useful.

Actually, there is just one major question which needs to be answered: what density does the concrete have? It seems so simple, doesn’t it? However, answering that question is not that simple since according to different sources of information, the density may vary. As an example will be taken three of the most popular sources giving thorough information about concrete and its all characteristics (including the density)!

Let’s start with the so called Engineering handbook (written by Dorf Richard). According to that book, the normal density of concrete is around 2400 kilograms per cubic meter. Anyway, we should not forget the fact that there are different kinds of concrete. For example, the lightweight concrete’s normal density is considered to be around 1700 kilograms per cubic meter. So, the sort of concrete should definitely be taken into consideration when talking about its characteristics.

Another source of information (published in 1999) claims that the best density for concrete should be no more than 2.3 grams per cubic centimeters (or around 2300 kilograms per cubic meter)! As you probably can see the difference is not that big but it start a very important process- it was then when the ‘average’ density started to drop.

For instance, the last and most used source for information when it comes down to concrete’s characteristics (Encyclopedia of Science and Technology) suggests that the concrete’s density should be no more than 2200 kilograms per cubic meter. Unsurprisingly, we should still mention the fact that the type of concrete plays a vital role. When it comes to lightweight concrete, the Encyclopedia suggests that the density should be no more than 1600 kilograms per cubic meter.

That was pretty much everything which you need to know about concrete. Of course, what you should never forget is that the ‘best density’ depends on the kind of concrete used and also its usage. Yes, you read correctly- what you are going to use the concrete for also plays a crucial role when the best density should be found out.

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