Epoxy Concrete Repair

There are a few ways to go about doing some epoxy concrete repair, and you can trust what I have to say because I used to be in the pool business. Most pools and epoxy based repairs we had to do were on pool plaster and not traditional concrete, but we also did decks and patios and charged different rates for that. We did patio epoxy repair, plaster epoxy repair, and concrete epoxy repair and I was trained in all of these methods. Because of this I know how the process works and would like to stop you from going out there and paying someone to do an easy job you could just do on your own. I was once called out to do an epoxy job and was my first one. What we ended up doing was using very small portable jack hammers to cut away at the stone and then we added a few lines of iron rods to stabilize the epoxy we would be adding. After this phase of the epoxy concrete repair was completed, we actually went ahead and added the epoxy, which was in fact a low grade caulk. Then we told the customer to call in a contractor to do the plaster over and charged them 500 dollars. The actual repair only took about 2 hours. And since I was being paid about 8 dollars an hour and my partner was being paid about 10, and adding up the cost of the epoxy, it only cost the company about 100 dollars all together to do the repair and the company made a 500% profit. Now why pay someone else to do that when you could just do it yourself? You will probably have to buy a portable jack hammer, but that name is intimidating.

These hammers are also called electric hammers under certain circumstances and are actually really uncomplicated, and aside for the cost of these hammers being around 150 dollars each, you will be saving a lot of money doing your epoxy concrete repair. You may not want to spend the money on the hammer and think that you just want to pay for the one-time cost of the company to come out and do it, but you can save yourself more money in the long run if you do it yourself because once you own the hammer you can do these repairs whenever you want and you won’t have to pay an extra nickel to another company to do a job you could have just as easily done yourself.

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