High Strength Concrete

There is no doubt that you know there are hundreds of types of concrete available on the market (high strength concrete, ready mix concrete, reinforced concrete etc). Choosing the best one for a particular usage is difficult even to the professionals in the area such as architects and construction builders. And for the street man, it is absolutely impossible as he would certainly get confused because of the great variety.

But what you are probably not familiar with is the fact that one of the main differences between each kind of concrete is its strength (also known as compression strength). Doubtfully, you have heard of that term before as it is mainly used by the people who work in the field. Explained simply, the compression strength of the concrete gives an idea of how much weight 1 square centimeter of concrete can withstand. Obviously, according to that information, the concrete could be divided into 3 categories: high strength concrete, medium strength concrete and low strength concrete.

What you are probably asking yourselves right now is which of them is mostly used in the practice. It would be correct to say that the three of them are used (as they are in reality) but it would not be difficult to pinpoint that the high strength concrete finds more usages than the other two.

That should not be very surprising to you because there is definitely a tendency in building huge buildings such as the unbelievably large skyscrapers which we have been able to see recently. Just think about the large weight which the concrete needs to withstand. That is why using the high strength concrete is crucial for making these huge buildings stable and earthquake-hardy!

What you are probably interested to learn is how much weight the high strength concrete can withstand. According to the last tests, that is anywhere between 2200 and 2500 kilograms per square centimeter. And having started speaking in number, it would not be a bad idea to inform you about the other two: the middle strength concrete- 1800-2000 kilograms per square centimeter; and the low strength concrete- 1700-1800 kilograms per square centimeter. Please note that concrete used with less compression strength than 1700 kg per square centimeter cannot be used. It is just not allowed by the Standard for building and constructing which is valid for nearly all of the countries in the world.

Well that was pretty much everything which you needed to know about the high strength concrete. Hopefully, you have figured out that if it had not been invented, most of the world’s biggest buildings would not have been built.

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