Hollow Concrete Blocks

Hollow concrete blocks are used in a variety of construction ventures though nothing too heavy duty. The reason for that should speak for it but if it doesn’t, the reason they are not used for the more important projects is because of how unreliable they can be. You can build a small outdoor bathroom or a little outpost in the middle of the woods with hollow concrete blocks but you do not want to build anything that will have a lot of pressure put on it. The reason you can build these bathrooms and outposts is because they are low risk. If a bathroom collapses, then the only real thing that you need to replace is the bricks or hollow concrete blocks that made up the outside of it. The piping and toilets and sinks are the real important part that will cost the most money. And as long as they don’t have anything heavy standing on them like a roof or a second floor of any kind, then they won’t have any problems standing up through thick and thin. Sure a hurricane might destroy the blocks or something like that, but a hurricane would destroy anything, not just hollow concrete blocks. When you think of these blocks, think of cinder blocks. It’s a similar idea. The idea behind these blocks is to cut costs by not using as much concrete in the process of the making of them. The way they are molded makes them just as tall as two regular cement bricks stacked on top of each other but it takes 2/3 less concrete to make and they do the exact same thing.

If you want to get technical in the list of pros and cons, they are also less heavy and therefore easier to transport. And this can be really important for long term projects that require a lot of driving. Not only will the company save on a lot of concrete expenditure but you will save money on the labor of your employees and on gas money, while the customer will still be getting a quality product that they will be able to enjoy for years to come. It can be a bad idea to use these sometimes if you are uncertain of whether or not the structure is going to be really tall or whether there will be a lot of wind in the area you are in. Also they’re a bad idea if there are any types of extreme weather conditions and the higher you stack them the more likely they are to fall. Aside from that though, they can really be some of the best tools for construction out there.

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