Home Foundation Repair

Home foundation repair is an important project when it comes to home improvement. Many homeowners do not know the signs that tell them that they need to consider home foundation repair. The type of foundation repair needed will be determined by the problems present.

If there is a foundation wall made of poured concrete, then there might be a crack that typically runs vertically with a slight angle. Sometimes this might happen quite soon, even after just the first few years that your home has been constructed. This can often be caused by the concrete being shrunk during the curing process. This will generally result in a small home foundation repair job that has to do with concrete.

A foundation wall supports loads from the exterior beams from the framing to the footing. There are piers that hold up the interior girders and these can be made of a number of materials, such as masonry, stone or poured-in-place concrete. These mortar joints give little resistance if there are lateral forces that are unbalanced, like a basement wall with backfill. This can lead to tall, thin and unreinforced masonry walls to fail.

One of the most common reasons that home foundation repair is needed is due to water. Water present beside a foundation wall puts hydrostatic pressure on it. This is when water tries to get in from areas where it is high in concentration to those where it is low in concentration, such as from poor draining soil to the basement. There can also be frost heave, where water freezes within poor draining soil, and the pushes the foundation and the whole house upwards. The usual ways of fixing damage to the foundation caused by water is to grade, waterproof and damp proof the foundation, along with making sure that runoff water can be diverted.

Another sign that home foundation repair is needed is when a vertical crack appears in the foundation wall. This is called settlement, where unstable soil conditions make your home sink into the soil which causes stress on many areas of the foundation, particularly on the basement walls. This might also make it harder to close windows or doors and cause cracks to appear on the outside face of the house and in drywall.

The first step to deal with home foundation repair is to have a certified, professional foundation repair contractor examine the foundation. An experienced opinion will help you identify the causes, solutions and costs that are related to the foundation repair.

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