Lightweight Concrete

Does anybody have an idea of what foam concrete means? No, it could be claimed for sure that the majority of the people have not heard of it and even fewer people know what characteristics this sort of concrete has got. Anyway, you may find out that you know much more about them in only a couple of seconds. You do not believe it, do you? Then answer the question: do you know what the characteristics of the lightweight concrete are? Yes, you certainly do, even if you have not heard of it before as the name itself speaks volumes about it. Here comes the good news: lightweight concrete is nothing more than a synonym of foam concrete.

When talking about this sort of concrete, a person does not have much to mention except for the special characteristics which it owns. And by ‘characteristics’, you can understand ‘advantages’ because everything which makes this type of concrete special and unique is an advantage over the other types of concrete.

So maybe, the first thing to start with is the low weight. That is of great advantage because it makes a construction weigh much less than it would weigh if this special concrete had not been used. The lightweight itself gives another great advantage- the possibility for the so called slope to drain. That is very important, especially if the construction is located in regions with high-humidity seasons with large amounts of torrential rain.

Another very significant advantage which the lightweight concrete offers is the high rate of insulating. Its insulating capability is certainly one of the reasons which make it so liked and preferred over the other alternative. Saving money from energy is crucial nowadays, especially after the world has been hit by one of the most severe crises ever. The excellent insulating capability means that your home will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter without having to spend a whole fortune on electricity expenses.

And talking about rates and values, mentioning the super good fire rating is more than essential. Plenty of numbers and formulas for calculating this rating could be given but it is not necessary indeed. You to need to know and remember nothing else but the following: the chances for fire to occur are least serious exactly when lightweight concrete is used. In summarize, there do not seem to be only a few advantages to make it prefer it instead of the other alternatives, don’t you think so?

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