Portland Cement Concrete

Have you ever built anything before that required the use of concrete? Have you ever stepped on a concrete sidewalk before? If you answered yes to any of these questions then chances are you are familiar in some way with Portland cement concrete whether you are aware of it or not. This is because Portland cement concrete is one of the most commonly used types of concretes in the world. It is made of the most basic types of elements that make concrete so strong and it is simple and easy to find and make and produce. This has made Portland cement concrete fairly popular amongst all types of agencies that deal in construction or repair of any kind and these are the kinds of people that cause it to proliferate everywhere. Despite the name reminding you of Oregon, Portland cement is actually not from Oregon, nor does it have anything to do with Oregon at all really. It is actually produced somewhere else entirely. The name comes from Portland stone which was a type of stone found in the late 1700’s in England, but the actual place where the concrete is produced is not in England originally and the Portland stone has nothing to do with the concrete product other than having the same name.

This can be confusing for some, but most people tend to not really think about it at all since concrete is not a major concern for your average person out there nor how it is made. These are not things that people traditionally have to worry about. Therefore they do not think about them and because of this Portland concrete does not actually all that well when spoken about, unless you are in a special circle of builders out there that does the job have to deal with that type of concrete. The concrete itself is grade A and if you are in a business that deals with concrete, your purchase might as well be this whenever you need any concrete work done. There are of course many different types and specializations of concrete out there. Some are darker than others. Some dry quicker than others. Some are even designed to absorb the sun’s rays not as well as others so that they will be cooler to step on. This type of concrete is usually found in resorts or public pools in really hot areas so people do not get third degree burns on their feet. But regardless, unless you have a special project, then Portland concrete is your best bet.

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