Precast Concrete Steps

The entrance of any home should be as welcoming as any other room of the house. This warm feeling can be achieved at the entrance through the use of precast concrete steps. They can be done in simple step form or with great architectural designs. Usually concrete is thought of as a cold, severe material but when used in the proper manner, precast concrete steps can be quite pleasing. You can use textures, shapes and colors to your liking to make the concrete feel more welcoming.

Terraced stairways such as these can be a design feature for any house but often they are given just a functional use. You can upgrade concrete steps from being plain to being impressive so that they are the focal point of any entrance. The best visual effect is achieved when you couple decorative staircases with a stained or stamped concrete landings and walkways which will allow you to use patterns and colors. Precast concrete steps can be placed right along an entrance or walkway. This means that they can be made to match the walkway when it comes to color or texture.

Precast concrete is a simple kind of concrete that is cast in one location and then used in a different one. Most precast concrete steps are cast using a wet cast process, instead of a dry cast process, in a factory. Wet cast concrete simply has a cement water ratio of five percent, but sometimes a little more. There is debate about whether a dry or wet cast process is best for precast concrete, but they both work very well nonetheless.

You can get concrete for a set of precast concrete steps by either having a ready mix of concrete or to make the concrete yourself. Most manufacturers of precast concrete make their own concrete mixture which they used to make the precast steps. This allows them to make as large a quantity of the mixture as they need so they can control the uniqueness and quality of the concrete.

Precast concrete steps need the application of a waterproof sealer to minimize any discoloration, efflorescence, yeast and dust diffusion that might occur. This makes it much easier to clean the steps for years to come so don't overlook the importance of sealer. To make the steps waterproof you can use siloxane or Silone. They can also help reduce any chill-frost damage that might occur. The sealer needs to be reapplied every few years to

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