Prestressed Concrete

If you are into building, you are certainly quite knowledgeable about concrete. Or maybe at least knowledgeable enough to know that there are a lot of kinds of concrete- so many that a person who is not professional may get confused. You probably have heard of terms such as ‘prestressed concrete’ and ‘reinforced concrete’. In fact, they both mean pretty much the same since the main difference is between them and the ‘ordinary’ concrete is that natural weakness in tension is overcome thanks to a series of operations.

Of course, what you are likely to be interested in is what differences there are between the prestressed and the ordinary concrete. Honestly, the differences are really a lot- starting from appliances and finishing with the prices. Anyway, some of the most importance ones will certainly be mentioned so that everybody who has read the article has some basic knowledge about this very, very special kind of concrete.

Why is it so special? Well, that is mainly because it is used for building one of the most difficult-to-construct objects- bridges, high towers and even simple beams. The concrete is logically preferred over the other kinds as it gives much more strength and stability to the constructions no matter what they are, bridges or towers. As you have probably noticed that is the first important difference mentioned. And it is an advantage as well.

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the differences pointed out will be advantages also since they are what make the prestressed concrete better than the other types indeed. So let’s continue. Does “dramatic deduction of the concrete’s tradition reinforcement” convey anything to you? Well, even if it does not, it is not a big deal. What you should know is that one of the prestressed concrete’s greatest advantages is that reinforcement becomes nearly not needed. In other words, a lot of time and money could be saved thanks to that characteristic.

Although you may not have realized, we have just mentioned two more differences (advantages): spending less time and money. And when it comes to building super large construction, a very good amount of money could be saved by taking advantage of the great characteristics which the prestressed concrete has got. Come on, you have certainly figured out that missing out such an opportunity would be the stupidest thing you have ever done. You need quality at a lower price?! Then there is no doubt what your choice should be.

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