Price Of Concrete Per Yard

The basic expense of any project that requires concrete to be poured is the concrete itself. The price of concrete per yard depends on a lot of different aspects. Concrete that is bought by the yard and then delivered in a concrete truck will cost different to a bag of ready mix concrete that you mix at home with a small wheelbarrow or mixer. There are many things that go into calculating the price of concrete per yard.

The price of concrete per yard differs not just by the volume that is purchased but also by the cost of manufacturing. Producing the concrete is a very laborious job that is energy intensive, so changes in the cost of fuel that is used for the concrete plant can often have the greatest impact on the cost of the manufactured concrete. The distance from the plant to the source of raw materials also affects the cost because concrete that is far from those resources will be more expensive to manufacture than concrete that is closer to sources of sand, iron, aluminum or limestone.

Another factor that goes into determining the price of concrete per yard is the truckload prices. Concrete that is delivered in truckloads has to meet the supplier's minimum order requirement. Most concrete trucks carry ten cubic yards of concrete, while most suppliers ask for a minimum load of five yards and a fee for anything that does not meet a full load. This fee is usually a few more dollars for every yard. It is a good idea to call your concrete supplier and check the price of concrete per yard you know how much concrete you will need. A cost saving measure that many contractors use is to try and plan jobs that need 10 yards at a time to keep from having to pay the short load fees. To find the cost per yard, just divide the price quote your supplier gave you by the number of yards of concrete you ordered.

Ready mix concrete is sold in bags of forty, sixty and eighty pounds. In 2010, an eighty pound bag would cost from $3.50 to $4. If we are considering each of these bags, then a 27 cubic feet or a yard of concrete would be equal to 45 eighty pound bags, 60 sixty pound bags and 90 eighty pound bags. All you need to find the price of concrete per yard for the bags is to do some simple calculations.

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