Reinforced Concrete Design

It could be claimed for sure that 99% of the people have some general idea about the different types of concrete or at least know that the concrete’s characteristics could vary a lot according to its type. Maybe, most of the people would not be able to count many types of concrete also but if they knew something about at least one of them that would certainly be the so called reinforced concrete design.

Talking about the reinforced concrete seems endless because there are so many facts which a person should know- advantages, disadvantages, differences from the other types of concrete and so on.

Perhaps it would be best to start with the characteristics of the reinforced concrete. Some of the characteristics which should definitely be mentioned are the high strength, high strain, temperature compatibility and many others. In fact, those are the characteristics which make the reinforced concrete so special and so much preferred over the other alternatives.

It should not be surprising that some of the largest constructions ever are built exactly with this kind of concrete. It makes the constructions much stronger and more stable. According to the latest research, the constructions and buildings made of reinforced concrete are nearly three times more likely not to collapse after an earthquake or any other disaster such as tsunami for example.

However, you might be surprised to learn that the reinforced concrete design is not used only for making more stable constructions. Some constructions just make the usage of this kind of concrete essential. Just think about it- you have certainly seen many buildings and asked yourself the question: “Wow, how did they build that”? Such buildings are usually so strange and odd that the physical laws seem to have gone mad. Well, they have not! It is all thanks to the reinforced concrete that gives the freedom of architects to let their fancy roam! Examples of such buildings are Sagrada Familia and almost every third hotel in Dubai. It is really not very good to compare such a great building like Sagrada Familia (in Barcelona) with an ordinary hotel in Dubai but facts are facts!

Maybe, the only question which has remained unanswered so far is whether using the reinforced concrete design is more expensive. Honestly, yes! But it is perfectly normal. After all, this kind of concrete gives many advantages over the other sorts of concrete, and it makes the buildings more secure and stable also. Don’t you think that it is worth it paying more?

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