Self Compacting Concrete

Self-leveling ability, penetrability into very thin areas, unbelievable strength and many more qualities of self compacting concrete make it a most sought after concrete building material in the construction field. The flexibility of self compacting concrete is greatly due to the various admixtures, which are used to produce a mix that is ideal for the work at hand.

Modern construction projects, commercial or residential, need well-finished final touches to every part of the relevant project. They should also be tremendously strong, as most these construction projects have to bear the weight of heavy vehicles and similar weight day and night. Self compacting concrete supplies both these requirements. Construction projects finished with this quality concrete reflects a very good finish as well as infuses incredible strength.

As mentioned earlier, many admixtures are used to produce the final mixture of self compacting concrete. Super-plasticizer is one of them. This mixture is used for all kinds of self compacting concrete. The flow ability cannot be gained without mixing super-plasticizer. Once super- plasticizer is mixed, the quantity of water required is reduced to a great level. Normally, constructors use polycarboxylate super-plasticizers to mix self-compacting concrete even though this admixture is exceedingly expensive. On the other hand, the overall cost is considerably low, as only a small quantity of super-plasticizers is needed to get the utmost result from self compacting concrete.

Constructors also use retarding admixtures. The use of retarding admixtures is to postpone the setting period of self compacting concrete. When retarding admixtures are used, the time period of setting goes forward about one and half hours to six hours after pouring. The retarding admixtures are made with phosphate, sucrose or gluconate according to the usage. Mixing retarders with self compacting concrete is extremely essential, as it does not allow the first batch of concrete to set fast, not until the second batch of concrete is poured, resulting both batches to connect and blend into each other perfectly well.

Another admixture which is used is air-entraining substances. When air-entrain admixtures are used, they entrain the internal air of the concrete and unify the mixture to a certain stage, in which, freezing and thawing of self compact concrete is highly restricted. Mixing air- entraining admixtures, cohesion and stability of the end product increase to a greater scale as well. Many types of water resisting mixtures are also used when mixing self compacting concrete. With such mixing, permeability of the concrete is considerably lowered. Within this backdrop, the popularity of self compacting concrete increases daily and production of admixtures also increases to improve the quality of self compacting concrete on a regular basis.

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