Copper Prices Chart

A copper prices chart is a perfect way of understanding what copper prices are really like in today’s market. Copper is a rarer commodity than you would imagine these days. You look around and see pennies everywhere, or other such copper coins and think to yourself “how could copper be in such high demand?” But it is true. Actually the copper coins you see are rarely pure copper. Other such compounds and metals make up the core of those coins and only the outside segment is truly copper. Thus the copper shortage can easily be explained, or maybe not so much fully explained, but at least a counterexample has been provided to prove that the line of thought that “there are too many pennies out there for there to be a copper shortage” is a bit of faulty logic.

In this time when copper prices and the return prices of other raw salvageable metals are skyrocketing, it would behoove you to familiarize yourself with a copper prices chart. This way you will be able to figure out exactly what your copper will be worth. If you look one up you will be able to see that the prices of copper have been going up exponentially in the past few years. Just by taking some copper wire or an old pool filter into a salvage yard you will be able to make big bucks for the copper in these items. Copper is used for a variety of items these days and new homes are being built with lots of copper products in them every day. It is hard to say whether it is this or something else that accounts for the major increase in copper prices as of late. Earlier, this article mentioned that copper was a rarer item. This is actually not strictly true, as for a long time it has been one of our most common used metals.

It is precisely for this reason that it has become rare though. This metal has been harvested so incessantly that as demand increased, the supply also decreased. This is clear once you reference a copper prices chart because it will show that you have the capability of getting lots and lots of cash for copper trade ins these days. It is not clear what we will do once we run out of copper, right now some would argue e have bigger things to worry about, like running out of oil. It is not as simple as giving up on using copper and going to another metal so we can’t just do that. For now we’ll just have to sit back and watch the numbers climb on the copper prices chart.

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