2000 Watt Generator

Three famous models of a 2000 watt generator are the All Power America APG 3014, the Honeywell HW2000i and the Yamaha EF2000iS. It is selected by most people according to their affordability and their needs, as these three models have different power producing capabilities.

The All Power America APG 3014 is the cheapest 2000 watt generator and is a suitable gen set for a home. It is very light and you can even lift it by your self and carry it in a vehicle whenever you want to carry it to another place. Nevertheless, it is a much louder machine than others and due to this people think it is much suitable for home use, as it could be left in a sound proof area restricting its sound pollution. Another factor that goes against this type is, it is not CARB submissive.

The Honeywell HW2000i is a much smaller one than the first 2000 watt generator. It has a few features that get it to the first slot over the All Power America version. When comparing with the latter, this one emits lesser noise of about 62 decibels. Another plus factor of this 2000 watt generator is it is lighter than the All Power America model. It has more sturdy outer cover that protects it from huge impacts. This type is also CARB compliant but emits lesser noise. Unlike APA which was ruled out from California, Honeywell HW2001 is legal to use. This type is ideal for camping, as it makes lesser noise.

The most expensive 2000 Watt Generator is the third one called Yamaha EF2000iS. You can have uninterrupted power to a large area for about 10.5 hours when you fuel it just once. It makes the least amount of noise out of the three models as it makes only 51.5 decibels. It is fuel-efficient and CARB compliant with very low emissions. Even though it comes with a much higher price tag, to own this type other than the other two, it is worth the price because it supplies much more power, emit lesser noise, and less carbon emissions.

Other than these 2000-watt generator models mentioned here you may find more machines under various brand names. The Honda EU2000iA, The Generac 5793iX2000, Yamaha EF2000is, and Kipor IG 2000 are some of the famous names among them. These models have different features that make them unique from one another. They supply a varied range of power supply. You should get more details of these before your final selection of one. The Internet has many articles about 2000 watt generators where you can surf to know more about them if you need to buy one.

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In electricity generation, a generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in an external circuit.

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I really like the idea here totally a lot of new ideas and the best one must say.

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2000-watt generator models sound like a powerful stuff. I wonder if they can power up a lot of homes, given the fact they are so powerful. On the othe hand, they tend to be very loud.

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Generator started with just two pulls, right out of the box. It is just 59 lbs. but I added a a couple of small wheels, makes it very easy to move anywhere.

Michael909 said:

I would be very concerned about the possible noise it may cause. But on the other hand the possibility of powering up several households is actually very convincing. It could be a great solutions for suburbs or small villages, like the one were I have my <a href="http://www.datalab.pl/">data recovery</a> company.

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I think it is a great solution for many, many families. It could stop the power problem once and for all. I keep my fingers crossed!

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I agree - this is a very useful option. I will consider it myself, as we still have some power issues in my town.

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I would not expect such vivid discussion in such serious topic. This means our society surprises me all the time! Great :)

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"You can have uninterrupted power to a large area for about 10.5 hours when you fuel it just once." That's sounds great! How much is this 2000 watt generator Yamaha EF2000iS model I wonder. And it looks like it doesn't emit much noise. It's 51.5 decibels which is bearable.

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I was very interested in the article. It’s quite inspiring I should admit.

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I think it is a great solution for many, many families. It could stop the power problem once and for all. I keep my fingers crossed!

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