240v Generator

Before you go buying a generator, you have to give thought to the factors that will influence your buying decision. For instance what do you intend to use the generator for? Is it for outdoor use or simply as a backup for when your home experiences a shortage of power? How big do you want the generator to be, and what voltage do you want? You don’t have to learn all the technical details, so long as you understand what a generator can do, and how much power it can provide. A 240V generator is considered as average, and would suffice if your power needs are rather modest.

A 240v generator is mobile, owing to its small size. It can be easily transported from location to location, with the bars included in the design. For the models that are heavier, wheels are provided to ease transportation. The weight consideration is one that you have to make, especially if you think you will use it frequently, for different outdoor purposes. Different 240V generators will give you different performances, even when the voltage output is consistent. Smaller models will give you a minimal 5.8 hours of running time, on one tank of fuel. Bigger models, with bigger tanks averaging at 15L will give you better performance, with a running time of 15 hours.

A 240v generator will use a fuel source that is gasoline, diesel or petrol. You should be conscious about the fuel your generator uses, to ensure that it is locally available to you. Finding a generator that uses liquid propane or natural gas is near impossible, more so because these sources are better utilized by stationary generators, where connection to the fuel source is permanent or for bigger portable models. The engine size of the generator and the rpms it gives is something else you might want to consider. Basically, most are made with a quoted rotation speed of either 3000 or 3600.

Noting the noise level of your 240v generator is important, to ascertain that it won’t be a distraction while it is running. This is especially important in the home setting where serenity is highly appreciated. As far as the cost of a 240v generator is concerned, you can get one when you are on budget for as little as $100. The more expensive models cost about five times that. Getting different quotes from different suppliers is always encouraged to get the most competitive price.

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