3000watt Generator

The 3000 watt generator supplied an AC power every time there has a power interruption. Using this equipment is important during emergency where you can use your lights and appliances. This generator will perfectly works in home and jobsite area where electric power is no longer available. It is also good for lawn and garden chores using the hedge trimmers, lawn and leaf blowers. Produces enough power to run saws and drills on the construction site. Generator is an ideal use for home appliance like electric fans, television, radio and lights during power surge. When choosing generators for your home, it is important to choose the correct size of the said equipment. Choose the one that is suitable for the desired purpose and fuel must stored for long term use. It would be better to choose a large generator for the larger task.

In order to keep the food in the freezer and refrigerator at the proper temperature it normally requires longer use of generator system. But the starting wattage of this two appliance is 4000 watt, therefore too much for your 3000watt generator. In order for you to use your generator, plug in one appliance at a time and let the generator stabilized at 1,200watts, then after a few minutes plug another appliance with 2000 watt surge. So your generator can already handle the two appliances. Once they are both operating it only draws 2,400 watt, it is still with the capacity of a 3000 watt generator you still have a chance to watch your television the same time. Using the smaller size generator is to minimize fuel consumption. In general a 20watt generators uses 5hp gasoline, whereas the 3000watt generator has the capacity to consume 7hp engine and the 6000 watt generator need to have 12hp engine. Normal refrigerators and freezer require two hours run time per day to keep the temperature in stable condition. It is for you to decide on what type of refrigerator suits your need.

Finally a generator should never be stored with fuel carburetor, because as the engine evaporates it forms the stain that can damage the entire fuel system. It would be better to run your generator once a month. Place enough gasoline in the fuel tank and let it run for about 30 minute. Not to forget the engine and alternator should also undergo series of test every month. When it started under full choke then generator is safe and ready to store for another month.

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3000 watt generator is already a powerful device. Definitely it is a great backup generator for all your home needs. And good news is that it is not big and doesn't take much space. I wonder how much it costs.

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