Bicycle Generator

Our body releases a lot of energy when we do exercises. You could easily use this energy by converting it into electricity. For this, you need a bicycle generator. Imagine the amount of energy you waste on weights and machines when you engage yourself in exercise activities. You can easily recapture this energy by using a bicycle generator. Now we shall learn how we can produce electricity with a bicycle generator and for what purpose this energy could be put to use.

We should understand first how much exercise is needed to harness a power capacity to operate a device. You could use an array of batteries for storing energy. It is able to store energy that you generate through exercise for later use and enough for starting larger devices. When you power a device while you are pedaling, it is limited to the period you are pedaling and cannot be used for other purposes unless you store it with a gadget.

You know how much energy is needed to operate a device when you multiply the voltage needed by amps. Power cord cases show you these values. By pedaling to be in-shape a rider at a normal rate, could produce about 150-200 Watts with a bicycle generator. If you are an irregular cyclists or a chubby one, you would produce much lower energy of about 75 to 100 watts at a normal rate.

It is calculated that a 100-watt laptop operates for 45 minutes with the energy that you expel to ride a bicycle for an hour. Rather than wasting this much of energy, you could use it to operate useful devices. It is wonderful to know that by riding a bicycle for one hour we can produce energy enough to operate a laptop for one hour. Nevertheless, between the pedaling and the device some energy loss is natural. It is true that a generator produces 100 watts, but when energy comes to the battery, it lowers to about 85 watts.

You need a bicycle-training stand to keep the bicycle generator steady. Keep the back wheel little off the ground and fix a DC permanent magnet generator to the bicycle-training stand. Fix the bicycle generator in such a way to contact its rotor with the back wheel allowing it to spin when the wheel turns. Connect the wires of the generator to the charge controller to restrict undercharging batteries. Then connect the charge controller with the battery array. Fix an inverter to control the maximum loading of the battery array so energy is allowed to come to the device in a proper wattage. Even though you cannot produce much energy with a bicycle generator, it is enough to operate a radio, fans, laptops and many more similar devices.

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