Boat Generators

Boat generators, better known as marine generators, are powering units that are specifically built for boats, yachts and sea cruisers. They provide backup power when the main power supplying the vessel fails or malfunctions. Boat generators are extremely important, especially when you consider just how devastating a situation would be if there was an irreparable power failure in mid-sea. The generators are recommended for big boats, with elaborate mechanical and electrical systems, and not the small ones which are not architecturally built to hold anything heavy onboard.

Boat generators can be powered by various types of fuels. But for convenience’s sake, they take on the same fuel as the boat. In other words, if the boat in question is fueled by diesel, then the generator itself will be fueled by diesel too. The generators, in most cases, are connected to the boats main fuel source, and this eliminates the need to have a separate fuel reservoir tank. This also means that there is less weight carried on board. Though having a portable boat generator is a complete possibility, it creates an inconvenience when it comes to wiring up the boats electrical system. This is why most boat generators are usually included into the boats design, either temporarily or permanently.

It is important to have the total wattage consumption of a boat figured out, before a boat generator is purchased. This is to avoid the undesired situation where the power needed is more than the boat generators can supply. Big boats usually have defined energy needs, and it is not unusual to find one that demands as many as 300Kw of power. These are usually giant luxury liners that have huge power demands, owing to the number of facilities they have. Establishing the power consumption of the boat, when all the important equipment is running is the determining factor, when it comes to deciding what boat generator to buy.

When it comes to purchasing of boat generators, it is encouraged that checks are made to ensure the generators comply with the safety regulations. The emphasis is made because accidents happening offshore are much more difficult to contain. The best kind of boat generators are those that emit the least carbon compounds, regardless of whether gasoline or gas is being used. Ideally, they should be durable and reliable, mostly because when out in the sea, a generator malfunction is something that is beyond forgivable.

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