Duropower Generators

Duropower is a familiar name in the list of well known generator manufacturers, and perhaps their long catalogue of products helps explain why this is the case. It is not the market leader in the making of either portable or industrial generators usable in residential settings, but it does hold a very recognizable place, owing to the popularity of its products. Duropower generators are touted as having great functionality for their low price, and this is used as the marketing point for the wide range of generators.

Duropower generators come in a variety of designs, built to appeal to the different markets we have. The assortment of designs is something that comes highly appreciated, especially to the selective buyers who are very precise about the kind of shape they want. Unlike other companies that contract other manufacturers to make their engines for them, these generators come with their own company made engines. Depending on the type of generator in question, the engine could have a modest output of 1000W which is meant to suffice for basic electric needs such as lighting and cooking, to bigger ones of up to 40000W which is enough power for a big commercial establishment.

Portable Duropower generators are designed intuitively to ease their portability. For the small designs, a handle is included, and for the relatively bigger ones, a metal frame is included in the design to aid in lifting the generator. There are those that cannot be lifted owing to their heavy designs, come with a wheel kit. The generators, from the mobile to the stationary standby generators come with a full power panel that is ideally located for easy access. Duropower generators come with a warranty period of 1000Hours or one year. The warranty period is usually shorter for those generators designed for commercial uses.

Like other generators, Duropower generators can either be powered by diesel or gas. There are standby generators from the company that are diesel powered, which is perhaps a consideration for the buyers who might access diesel more readily than propane or natural gas. As far as affordability is concerned, these generators are fairly priced, as initially pointed out, and readily compete with the bigger names in the market. You could get a 40KW standby generator for a little over $7000, which is a bargain, considering most generators in the class cost in the excess of ten thousand dollars.

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