Free Energy Generator

Do you think that there might be a free energy generator existing? Is it really possible? As many other people, you are probably thinking that it sounds too good to be true. Well it is normal not to trust such statements. But if you keep on reading, you will certainly change your mind and will probably love the idea of having a free energy generator.

The reason why many people think is that there cannot be a free generator to produce electricity is the fact that all types of generator need fuel to produce electricity. Let’s think about it: there are natural gas generators (they need natural gas; mainly propane); there are diesel generators also (obviously, they need diesel to work) and there are other kinds of generators using alternative sources of energy (wind and solar generators) but as you probably know they are extremely expensive. So yes there are generators which use free fuel to generate electricity but a lot of money is spent on the maintenance and the purchase of those kinds of generator.

Fortunately, there is something else- another type of free energy generator which does not need any fuel to work and it’s cheap also. It sounds like it is impossible, don’t you think so? And what would you think if you were told that you could build such a generator single-handedly, without using the help of anybody else. You would totally lose faith, wouldn’t you? But stop, don’t do it! Yes, it sounds too good to be truth but it is truth.

What has been described until now was the so called magnetic generator. The ‘fuel’ which it uses is the magnetic power and the magnetic field created by two or more magnets. There are many interesting process occurring between two or more magnets, and you may remember them if you were careful in the physic classes. However, one of the most important occurrences is the magnetic induction. It is exactly the magnetic induction which makes it possible to generate electricity.

So as you probably understand, the magnetic generator is really a free energy generator because you don’t need to spend money on buying fuel and you don’t even need money on purchasing the generator. As it has already been mentioned, you can build such generator by yourself as long as you read a bit more on the Internet. There are many websites which will let you know how to build this great free energy generator.

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