Fuel Cell Generators

Fuel cell generators have many advantages over the popular diesel generators. Fuel cell energy is cleaner and creates energy at a more efficient rate than standard diesel generators. Fuel cells combine hydrogen and oxygen without creating exploding to create electricity. Therefore no waste is produced. The main fuel source that is utilized is hydrogen. Oxygen from the air is sucked into the fuel cell and the process is started. The end result is DC electrical power which is more powerful and efficient than what most diesel generators can create. The heat created via the fuel cell process can be utilized to heat households. Therefore no aspect of the fuel cell is wasted. The benefits of using fuel cell generators in residential homes are vast.

The conversion efficiency in fuel cell generators is much higher than standard diesel generators. Fuel cell generators are capable of producing electrical energy by converting chemical and mechanical energy at rapid rates. No adjustments or realignments need to be done as the fuel stack does not need to be moved.

The benefits of using fuel cell generators are its ability to free the user from the national power grids. These generators are capable of providing power around the clock while providing heat to the household. National power grids tend to waste 8-9% of electricity during transfer. The cost of using a fuel cell generator at home is cheaper than the national grid rates. Fuel cell generators also help free the users from black outs due to weather and power shortages.

The environmental aspect of the fuel cell system is the reason it favored by green industries. The process of energy creation produces only hydrogen and carbon dioxide as waste products. This is virtually clean exhaust and does not damage the environment in anyway. Other generator exhaust has known to produce acid rain and other detrimental environmental effects. Renewable energy sources can be used to power the chemical fuel aspect of the generator. With renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and micro hydro the whole aspect of fuel cell generators will be clean energy.

Fuel cell generators are extremely flexible with regards to its fuel. Multiple stacks of fuel cells can be used. Propane, methanol, and gasoline can be used. The hydrogen will be extracted from these gases while passing out the detrimental gases out of the fuel cell generator.

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