Generator Batteries

We all know that generators are used in order to produce energy but there are some really large generators that are going to need some power in order to start working. This is why we do have generator batteries. They will offer a starting current that is high so that the generator can start working.

Generator batteries will use sulfuric acid based electrolytes. There will be an interaction between lead and this electrolyte and the result is a chemical reaction that produces electrical energy. We have different types of generator batteries. They can be gel cell types, absorbed glass matt types or flooded plate types.

The most common ones are the flooded generator batteries. They are popular because they do not have sealed cells. This basically means that you can easily refill electrolyte fluid when using this battery type. All that would need to be done is pouring new electrolyte in special battery casing holes.

Flooded generator batteries usually show plastic housing that includes 1 or more lead cells. Every single cell has lead plates grids that are going to be soaked by the electrolytes. The problem is that the lead grid is unsupported at edges. This makes the battery weak when thinking about structural integrity and mechanics. Since we are not faced with sealed housing you really need to be careful when you are pouring the electrolyte so that you do not burn yourself.

The gel cell generator batteries are really similar to the model presented above. The difference is the fact that the electrolyte is going to be mixed with different thickening agents. Due to the mixture we will end up with a thick gel. In the event that the generator batteries will crack we will still see function as the gel is not going to pour out. Battery stratification will also be prevented. All gel cells will be sealed and you cannot refill them.

AGM generator batteries are quite new on the market but they are considered to be the new generation. In order to contain electrolytes these batteries will use fiberglass separators.

All generator batteries types have disadvantages and advantages. You will need to figure out which type you want to used based on personal needs and working conditions. Also, price might be of importance and you might want to see your budget before you opt for any generator battery type mentioned. We recommend that you only buy from well known manufacturers in order to make sure that you get great deals and quality batteries all the time.

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