Hand Crank Generator

You may think that having a generator could prevent you from darkness whenever there are power-cuts or emergencies. Nevertheless, in realistic terms, you may be placed in a situation where you might be unable to start a generator to generate power especially when it comes to taking life-saving measures. For example, if in the event of a natural disaster with severe consequences, the power supply might go out for an unlimited period confining you in a location and if luck is not on your side, there may not even be sufficient sunlight to energize a solar-powered generator. In such situations, the importance of having a hand crank generator is increased manifold.

With the help of a hand crank generator you could energize many gadgets. You would have power at your disposal to charge your cell phones, radios, MP3 players, and many more similar gadgets. They are portable. They are not complex machines that require special knowledge to operate as well. Only feature by which they could stand out on its own from others is that they have to be operated manually. Nevertheless, a generator is a device that is powered with electric power. Michael Faraday first discovered this method in the year 1831.

You could downsize a hand crank generator even to fit within your trouser pocket. While others are powered with steam, falling water, gas, gasoline etc, you could power a hand crank generator just manually. You just have to crank the generator and the coils move in such a way around the magnet producing the current. Most simple hand crank generator is not fixed with voltage regulators. You have to be careful when you use this type of hand crank generator with your delicate devices, as uncontrolled power flows may cause permanent damage to these devices.

You no longer have to worry about this type of problem, as most hand crank generators now have regulators to control voltage levels. Most hand-powered generators have radios and special lights that you could use as emergency signals. They could be run with normal batteries. Nevertheless, if you are in an emergency situation, you could use a hand crank device on the side and power up it. It would be enough to supply you with a weather report or use the signal light.

The hand crank generator is not a new concept. It has been used since 1960 when it was started to be used by the forces. They put the hand crack generator into their backpacks, and use them more often in the battlefield far from civilization. You could easily buy one from an educational accessory supply shop. Hand crank generators have no protective covers. Therefore, you could see the inside and understand what coils and magnets could do when they mutually bind with each other.

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