High Voltage Generator

A generator usually refers to a device which generates electrical energy from conventional sources of energy. A high voltage generator can be defined as a device generating high volts of electricity from conventional sources or even from a low voltage electrical input. Usually, military equipment, x-ray and laser production, heavy duty industrial machineries, medical equipments etc requires high operating voltages. Some High voltage generators produce specific output voltages for specific purposes, while some offers to produce a varying range of high voltages, suitable for multiple purposes.

The key features taken into consideration about a High voltage generator are; the type of input energy, programmability of the device and sort of outputs the device can produce.

Most commonly used input for a High voltage generator is low voltage electrical energy. This can be either a Direct current or a fluctuating Alternating current, depending upon the type of device you are using. A battery or batches of batteries are also used, so as to maintain constant flow of current in case of an interruption in power input. Apart from this, energy obtained from the combustion of conventional fuels such as gasoline, petrol or diesel is also used as input energy in High voltage generators.

Programmability refers to the adjustments which can be made in the device, so that you can vary the output to certain limits to suit your requirements. Earlier this was done manually by varying the distance between the primary and secondary coils present in the generator. Newer devices got digital circuits for this purpose. Now a day, high end devices even use a computer controlled interface for the same.

Finally the most important feature, the variable nature of outputs a High voltage generator can produce. Higher the range of voltages the device can produce, more versatile and complex will be the equipment. These types of devices are embedded with highly composite electrical circuits and coils. The development of Power electronics has contributed much in minimising the size and enhancing the performance of High voltage generators.

Before buying a high voltage generator, make sure it will quench your power supply needs and it has an automatic cut off system for secured operations. Also check if the output supply has got high noise levels, which is highly unacceptable. There are many dealers offering various brands of High voltage generators. Make sure you have access to a service centre nearby the premises of installation.

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