Homelite Generators

Homelite generators are portable generators that are used in homes and small industries. Most Homelite generators use a Honda engine and can power a home for an extended period of time. Each model offers over 3000 watts and comes with features such as idle control and a lifetime warranty. Homelite generators have come a long way since its creation. Homelite generators are capable of supplying over 3600RPM on a continuous run and produces 6 horsepower output. Homelite generators are not only consistent but have a high endurance, flexibility and durability. Homelite generators have extremely long life time. Over extended periods of time, the Homelite generators can produce 2300watts and 3600watts on high demand. Many industries use Homelite generators as it provides a quick source of power. Homelite generators come with a 6% voltage control system. This system prevents any damage to appliances during a power surge or crash. The control panel that has been added to the new Homelite models helps to control different appliances with a single panel. Controlling all the appliances is now a simple feat which can be done on the Homelite generator itself. Therefore the need for voltage regulators is redundant.

Homelite generators come with extremely accurate voltage and current meters. Each meter displays the efficiency of the meter along with the energy it is dispensing. An oil efficiency component prevents fuel wastage by reducing the input when the generator is idle. The fuel tank is capable of holding 3 gallons of oil and can provide an interrupted power for 8 hours depending on the usage. Many industries use this generator to help kick start larger machines and magnetic coils. The benefits of using Homelite generators are the high efficiency, low fuel consumption and low noise pollution. Many portable generators can produce significant noise pollution after several months of usage but Homelite generators produce only 68 decibels. This is the maximum sound produced at the highest efficiency possible.

Overall the benefit of Homelite generators puts this model ahead of its competitors. It is a portable, low maintenance and highly efficient and is used commercially in many industries. The cost of the Homelite generators makes it a perfect power source for homes and small businesses. It is the ideal stand by power source. The Homelite LRX3000 is the latest model that is available on the market. It comes in a wide array of colors and sizes.

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