Home Standby Generators

Even in modern times power outages are all too common. There are many electrical appliances in our household that can suffer from damage due to power surges and outages. To prevent this, home standby generators have become a popular tool. Home stand by generators are simple and basic generators that can provide a standard home load. The power output is enough to cover many basic electrical needs of a home. Many additional benefits have been added. Home standby generators use engines instead of motors. This is because engine will suffer outages if the battery is uncharged. Therefore to avoid detrimental effects a motor is used. Power is supplied to home standby generators via a gas line or propane fuel tank. The drawbacks are the maintenance and pollution. Home standby generators are not environmental friendly. It is important to understand that home standby generators are not meant to be used throughout as a replacement. It is considerably more costly than electrical generators.

Automatic transfer switches are used to monitor electrical usage. Therefore no manual control is needed to switch on the home standby generator. Power outages will automatically switch on the generator and will switch off when power is returned. There are both stationary and portable home standby generators. Each generator provides the same usage. Stationary generators are permanently connected to gas lines and require a professional to be relocated. Choosing the right fuel is essential. It will affect the efficiency and the life time of the home stand by generator. Natural gas is ideal as it provides the perfect gas pressure. Gas meters are installed by default. The secondary fuel is propane. Propane can be found at your local gas station. When you want to purchase home standby generators, it can be found online for little as 350 dollars. There is a variety of different models and selections. Installation is generally free and covered within the initial payment.

It is best to place home standby generators near a fuel source. A generator cover is also recommended to prevent water seepage and rusting. A flat surface is recommended. Outdoors or well ventilated areas are demanded by safety standards. The use of natural gas and propane can cause the release of toxic fumes which can lead to health hazards if released into closed areas. Maintenance is a must to be completed regularly to prevent malfunctions and faults. Fuel lines must always be double checked for leaks and seepage.

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