Micro Hydro Generator

When there’s a need to provide power to small projects with no power source, the Micro Hydro Generator is invaluable. They are basically capable of producing from 1kW to 300 k W power. You can see this type being used in houses, cabins, remote areas, as well as in villages. With the development of technologies, many urban areas are powered by micro hydro generators. It is very popular as it is environment friendly and renewable.

If you have a steady source of running water throughout the year, the micro hydro generator could supply electricity around the clock. You cannot get constant power with wind and solar power as much as you can obtain from a micro hydro generator. The capacity of power from a micro hydro generator depends on the flow of water and the size of the head of the micro hydro turbines. About a two foot head is required to flow two gallons of water per minute and it is not essential to have a reservoir or a dam. You can install a micro hydro system without any harm to the environment as well.

You must have a suitable site to install a micro hydro generator, as it should have enough water to get the maximum output. The penstock is the piping system that carries water to the generator. The quality of the routing of the penstock, shut-off valves, vents and thrust blocks are extremely vital to produce a good power source. The turbine with a micro hydro generator is in three categories. Most popular is the impulse turbines that are opened to the air to receive a high velocity of water to the blades of the turbine. This type is best suited for low-flow high-head methods.

On the other hand, reaction turbines are suitable with high-flow low-head application while a propeller turbine which is identical with a boat propeller is greatly suited with no head high flow situation. The value of installing a micro hydro generator has now been understood worldwide. Britain uses them to powerboats to transport Tesco groceries. This method was operated in the middle of the last year after authorization by the British Waterways, which controlled 2,300 miles of canals and rivers of the country at present.

The micro hydro generator is an environmental friendly power generating system. It derives power in collaboration with water and depends on it without emitting destructive elements to the atmospheres. Many governments have now turned to find methods to produce more and more micro hydropower supplies instead of energy oriented power supply methods.

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