Mitsubishi Generators

Mitsubishi generators have been in supply of generators for the better half of 50 years. The quality and reliability has been popular in industries and homes. Mitsubishi is also known for the accessories that can enhance the performance of any generator. An accessory for a generator is capable of increasing the performance. Mitsubishi generators are reliable and known for the power output it is capable of. It is the peak of Japanese generator engineering. The advantages of a Mitsubishi generator can be increased by complementary accessories made by Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi generators come with a one year warranty and on site repairs. With a large amount agents and repair centers located all over the world it is simple to find parts and technical help.

The latest accessory that was released by Mitsubishi was the wireless remote kit. This kit is capable of finding starting and controlling the output of a generator. The control conversion kit can be installed within the generator. The standard choke system is converted with this kit to an automatic choke system. This system can only be installed by a Mitsubishi technician. The tri fuel system was also a creation of Mitsubishi generators. This system allows generators to use multiple sources of fuel. With this accessory a generator can be programmed to use home gas and propane lines when diesel runs out. Gasoline and natural gas can also be utilized. To change the fuel system, simply flip the installed switch and connect the gas line to the generator.

There are several disadvantages to using this system. The use of more volatile fuels can result in damage to the generator if it is not installed correctly. It will also void the 1 year warranty once it is installed. Therefore it is recommended that this kit be installed after the warranty has run out. If you wish to make your generator portable the 4 wheel kit by Mitsubishi can be added. These special wheels are pneumatic and it is capable of absorbing large amounts of shock. Therefore it will be possible to take the generator on rugged terrain.

Mitsubishi is also possible for RV adaptor plugs. These plugs allow more portable generators to be used by camping appliances. The standard plugs cannot be plugged into motor vehicles. This utility can be attached to a motor home vehicle and then plugged it to a generator. The 30 amp generator outlet can be attached to many different appliances. Mitsubishi generators are truly worth the cost.

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