Multiquip Generators

Multiquip generators are one of the high quality products from the world famous Multiquip Inc. It was founded in 1973 in the USA and today it delivers quality products to more than 70 countries worldwide. A range of machines needed for industrial, construction, telecom, government, aerospace, entertainment, exploration, oil and gas, and non-commercial sectors are under the Multiquip name. The company produces first class generators suitable for every application and upgrades them continuously to enhance them with components to make them the quietest and most reliable generators for every section including highly important sections such as emergency entities and military fields.

The containerized Multiquip generators start from 25 to 45 feet and their power capabilities differ between 500 to 2000 kW. They include ECG500C-20, ECG1000C-30, ECG800C-30, EGC 1500C-40, ECG800C-40, EGC1000C-40 and EGC200C-45. This range is equipped with latest PMG technology and after-cooled engines with EPA-complaint turbochargers. Digital panels of containerized generators produce records of the performance and their current operational conditions.

MQ power Crawford is yet another high quality product of Multiquip generators. The standard models of this type ranges from 250 amps to 2400 amps and they are custom designed as well. This type enjoys high popularity in entertainment and special event industries. The special features of this type include the hydraulic fan drive, oversized radiator, multi-wing fan, electric fuel priming system, and crystal sync electronic governor that confirms its frequency level. The MQ Power Crawford Studio Generator is also available with B20 Bio-diesel requirements as well.

Multiquip generators have already introduced its smallest one, the Multi-Pak. It is 33 inches deep wall-mountable and highly suitable for remote locations. The power capacity of this high quality product is 20 Kw and it runs for more than 1,000 hours ensuring power supply during power cuts and emergencies. The Whisper Watt Super silent and Whisper Watt Ultra silent are portable Multiquip generators They are suitable for rough conditions and could be upgraded to suit any conditions. Their power capacities start from 10kVA to 800 kVA.

Nothing but very few could challenge the quality of Multiquip generators. They are in the field for almost 40 years now and have been producing generators to match any need of whatever fields imaginable. No matter what the field may be, Multiquip generators could be seen in today's ultra-modern industrial fields. Their quality, durability, dependability, reliability and workability are yet to be matched and will be the same for many years to come.

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