Oxygen Generators

What most of you probably think is that a generator is always used for producing electricity. Well you would be right if you said that generators are mainly used for producing electricity but using the word ‘always’ would be kind of inaccurate. But what else could be produced except for electricity? Let’s take the oxygen generators. What do you think they produce? Of course, that’s oxygen.

In fact, you may find it interesting to know that oxygen generators are often called chemical oxygen generators also. The term chemical oxygen generator is used so as to exaggerate that kind of generators don’t have anything to do with producing electricity. However, how is the oxygen actually produced inside the generator?

As all other generators, the oxygen generators need fuel also in order to produce what they are meant to produce. Most of the chemical oxygen generators use artificial (or non-organic) fuel such as perchlorate or chlorate. The fuel is ignited in a mechanical way in most of the cases (often a device called a ‘firing pin’ is used for igniting).

Anyway, there is something else which needs to be mention due to its extreme important. At the end of the whole process (of producing oxygen), a lot of unneeded heat is produced and released which automatically makes such generators dangerous as they increase the chances of fire to occur, especially if not used exactly as described by the manufacturer. Fortunately, such generators are not located in every home as they are mainly used in the field of spacing, airlines and mining.

But let’s continue with something more interesting: the usage of the oxygen generators. It has already been mentioned that they play a significant role in NASA missions and in the mining field. However, what you have probably found interesting is that they are also used in the airline services. Can you think of where exactly they are used? Of course, you can, it’s pretty easy. That’s the oxygen masks which all passengers are instructed how to put on before the flight commences. The oxygen masks play a very important role since any change of the cabin’s pressure could result in death. Oxygen masks have saved many passengers’ lives and they work by using oxygen generators.

Hopefully, you have figured it out those generators could be not only a provider of electricity at any place, even outdoors, but also life rescuers in dangerous situations like when a problem in the plane’s cabin occurs.

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