Portable Solar Generator

A portable solar generator accumulates energy from the sun and converts it to electricity. It stores the solar power with the help of a 12-volt battery. Besides using a portable solar generator for power whenever there is power cuts, most people carry portable solar generators when they camping. They also use it to power household appliances such as a laptop, refrigerators, fans, TVs, etc. and to recharge cell phones, flashlights, or similar battery-powered equipment. A portable solar generator becomes a very valuable asset whenever there are unforeseen natural disasters to meet a requirement for emergency power, or in areas where there is no electricity.

People prefer solar powered-generators, as they are safer to use than gas-powered generators. Unlike noisy gas generators, a portable solar generator is noiseless. They are very easy to carry and use. No accident has so far been reported with the use of a portable solar generator, as it gets energy only from the sun. By placing it near a window or a place where the sunlight is available, a portable solar generator will recharge at the same time as it produces electricity without any noise.

Gas-powered generators or solar-powered generators will give us power whenever we are unable to get it. Nevertheless, if we run out of gas when using a gas-powered generator we may have to face many problems if we are away from urban environs and camping out in remote areas if we cannot easily find a gas station. In such a situation, a portable solar generator is invaluable, as its energy source is free from the Sun.

You will understand the value of a portable solar generator when you are involved in activities such as camping, boating etc., as these locations are always away from cities. Unlike other generators, this type of generator is very light and easy to transport wherever you travel. The size of a portable solar generator you will need will depend solely on the situation you need to use it. A 15-30 watt generator is enough if you need only to power a laptop or to charge your phone on a trip. On the other hand, if you need a unit to power several appliances, you better invest in a solar generator that supplies at least 1500 watts.

It is safe to supply power to your home appliances with a solar power generator, as it supplies clean energy. We live in an era where environmental pollution is an enormous problem. Therefore the use of a portable power generator is invaluable, as it is a green power source and doesn't emit harmful elements to atmosphere. You can contribute to keeping the environment clean with the use of Solar energy.

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