Powermate Generator

The powermate generator I’ve found is like any other portable generator. They are good at running things so you don’t have to have electrical outlets. As long as you have a vehicle that can drive, or only need to go a short distance, the powermate generator will be of use to you anywhere that you need it. Of course the real reason you’d get one is if you had some kind of connection to the construction world. You’d need to be able to show that you had some kind of reason to use it. Cause if you don’t go off to construction sites or out in the middle of nowhere to use it then it doesn’t really make sense to own one.

Anyway, like I said, the powermate version seems to be just like any other generator, but from what I can tell of the site they seem to be far more professional. When I go to look at other third party brands, all I see is a bunch of unprofessionalism. There are people that are trying to sell products off as their own that they buy from someone else. Either that or they are trying to sell you some really cheaply made products at the same prices that you might find the quality products.

The powermate generator seems to be a quality product though and unlike a few that I have seen, their site is actually written in correct English. It can be so disheartening and scary to come across a site that is trying to sell you something but they can’t even spell the name of what they’re trying to sell you correctly. It just comes off like it is a scam and though I have never bought from them I think I can safely say that it probably is and it is probably best for you to ignore these tricksters trying to con you out of your money. They only want what is best for them and not what is best for you. Never give them a cent of your money. One of my friends has a powermate generator that he ordered from their site though and he says it works like a dream. The shipping took longer than expected but he thinks it was a problem with UPS and not powermate. Regardless, they seem to be a reputable company and I will do business with them in the future because they seem to be much more promising than all of those other foreign sites out there and like they really want to help their customers out.

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