Rowenta Steam Generator

Rowenta is a popular home brand in many countries all over the world. There are many household appliances which use Rowenta intelligent design. The Rowenta steam generator is a state of the art iron that utilizes a green and economic steam generator to create steam. The Rowenta steam generator helps owners to iron and press their clothes with professionalism thanks to the high tech steam generator. It holds a 6-foot steam hose which provides high pressure steam via outlets at the bottom of the iron. The compact base holds a 12-foot power cord making any outlet reachable. The Rowenta steam generator has a 33 ounce water tank which can hold 1.5 hours of steam. It is easily refillable and has a sizeable opening to prevent spilling. The control panel on the side of the Rowenta steam generator can create high pressure steam in a matter of seconds with a single button. The steam generator’s main benefit is its ability to iron out the toughest wrinkles and creases without an effort. The high pressure steam removes any idle heating time. The Rowenta steam generator utilizes a vertical perforation system to release steam directly onto clothes. The stainless steel soleplate located at the base of the iron is capable of providing scratch free action which ensures that all your clothes are smoothed out.

The Rowenta steam generator is becoming popular due to the smooth ironing it provides. It works evenly on all types of material. It has a 1600 watt steam generator which is far more powerful than most irons. With the high powered steam generator any user can iron at its maximum heat and steam output. The temperature can be set with the adjustment knob on the side of the iron. The Rowenta steam generator iron’s smooth design prevents any uncomfortable positions and prevents any harm to the wrist and hand. It is also built with aluminum to reduce the weight. A filtration system helps to flush out any impurities that can enter the steam vents via water. The minerals within water can also be filtered preventing any smudges or discolorations on your clothing. An intelligent auto shutdown system has been installed in newer systems. If the Rowenta steam generator is left idle for over 8 minutes it will automatically shut down. The iron has to be left in a vertical position for this system to be active. The Rowenta steam generator is the ideal iron for anyone who requires wrinkle and crease free clothes.

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