Standby Generators

It is doubtful that there is a person who does not know what a generator is. However, there is also no doubt that many people do not all kinds of generator due to their large amount. In fact, knowing all types of generators is kind of being impossible since there are new types launched onto the market every single week. Yes, the technology is doing a lot of progress in this field obviously. However, the standby generators seem to outstand from the others by their great usefulness and efficiency.

What you are probably asking yourself right now is what the so called standby generators are used for. Well their name speaks a lot about what they are used for but giving some additional information is certainly not unneeded.

Let’s start with the fact that standby generators are usually installed in a home, especially a home where there are common power outages. So if you have noticed you experience such unpleasant situations much more often than it’s considered to be normal, purchasing such generator would be of great help. You will not have to spend a whole day without electricity, which may be responsible for damages on your electricity machines such as TVs, air conditionals and especially fridges.

But how do standby generators work? Well it’s all pretty simple. When your home is no longer provided with electricity, the generator turns on automatically (even if you are not home). The generator is a smart machine and it had been ‘collecting’ the energy before the outage. So you’ve got a piece of equipment to provide you with electricity from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the type of generator.

By the way, there are three main types of standby generators. The first one is the least powerful (essential) and can provide you with around 15 kilowatts which is not bad at all indeed. However, the other two are much better. Some others can provide you with up to 20-22 kilowatts but their price is unsurprisingly higher (around $4.000). And the best standby generators are, without doubt, the most powerful ones- they can provide your home with up to 50 kilowatts which could be enough for 2 days or even more if you use the electricity in an appropriate way. Of course, such devices cost like $10.000 or even more depending on other factors such as brand and additional characteristics.

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