Steam Generators

Most of you probably think that what generators serve for is producing electricity. That could be considered right because a generator literally means ‘producing electricity’ but as all other things, language changes so the words in it change also. The word “generators” is already often used to describe just the process of producing no matter whether it is electricity or anything else. Of course when used to describe the process of anything else’s produce, the produced item needs to be placed as an attributive form (such as steam generators for example).

But we are not here to learn the etymology of the words, what you are probably much more interested to learn is what the steam generators are, how they work and what they are usually used for. It’s your lucky day today because those are all questions which will be answered in this article. So just keep on reading: it will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

As a beginning, let’s just mention that the steam generators are used for producing steam. Well it’s kind of logical, don’t you think so? But there could be many different devices which generate steam, depending on what the produced steam will be used for. Just think about it: there are devices producing steam to clean the floor but steam could also be manufactured to in nuclear reactors (in much larger amounts, of course).

So it should not be surprising that the steam generators could not give an exact idea of what to expect. However, what the observations show is that in 99% of the cases the expression ‘steam generators’ is used to refer to three main pieces of device. First of all, that is any small device which heats water and releases steam (including the cleaning devices also, which has gave gained a lot of popularity recently by the way). Another often-used object called a steam generator is the heat exchanger in nuclear plants. And there is just one more used exactly as often as the previous two- can you come up with it by yourself? It’s really kind of easy: it’s a device in cars, busses, trains and underground used to keep the temperature inside these vehicles pleasant, even during the cold months.

Well that was pretty much everything which you can find interesting to know about the steam generators. As you can see, there are no more than three usages which they have. By knowing them, you will know much more than the average person as it’s been found out that most people don’t refer the generators producing steam to anything specific (or maybe to the boilers only).

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