Steam Turbine Generator

Steam turbine generator sounds like a complicated name and it sounds like something out of a sci-fi or a Stephen King book or something like that, but really this device is what allows us to have most of our electricity today. The majority of our electricity is controlled by coal and most people only think enough to stop there and say “okay, well that’s all I need to know” and because of this people do not realize exactly how coal works or how the coal provides us with energy. The coal does this with the help of a steam turbine generator. This device is a rotary that is pushed along by the steam power provided by coal. The steam itself actually does nothing. It has no properties that allow us to collect energy. All of our available energy sources are caused from us collecting kinetic energy created by the spinning of some type of wheel like device that is then re-dispersed into other electronic devices. The steam itself merely causes the rotary to turn which in turn provides the actual energy necessary. This is how the idea for a purely wind generator was thought up, through the use of the steam turbine generator. It is almost strange that we did not have a wind generator model before the existence of the steam turbine generator.

Unfortunately, if you google pictures of it, it looks like a really cool little device. But the unfortunate part is, there is really no practical reason to have one at home. They do not make rotaries like this small enough for personal use, and even if you had a large on, you’d need to find a place to put it, and even if you could do that you would run into the biggest problem. That problem would be finding enough coal and supplying it with enough constantly to keep you running. Really the best thing to go with is a wind turbine for all of your energy needs. For personal use that is the kind you would want. There are other kinds available such as solar power generators, but this is the best one for you honestly. Or rather, the wind one is. A steam turbine generator is not something that is available to the general public, no matter how cool it would be or how much people want one. I wouldn’t recommend building one either; it just wouldn’t make any sense and would end up costing you more many than it saved you.

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