Suitcase Generator

The suitcase generator is a term given to a generator that is extremely small but powerful enough to be used in homes and camps. It is popular in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. These miniature generators are extremely fuel efficient and run off petrol or diesel fuels. Suitcase generators are extremely affordable due to the popularity and demand for these handy generators. The generators are easily transportable due to its size. It can be transported easily through treks and rough terrain. It is also ideal to have a suitcase generator in your home as it can help power up several devices for a short period of time. Suitcase generators are known for their quiet operation. Mufflers are located within the generator to ensure that it does not produce large amounts of noise pollution. The average weight of these models is around 14-23kg depending on the frame and fuel tank. An inbuilt cooling system is also found on more expensive models. A single-cylinder and air-cooled engine is responsible for most of the cooling. These systems ensure that the generator does not overheat during function.

The suitcase generator is intended for outside use only. The fuel sources it utilizes causes carbon monoxide exhaust which can be harmful indoors. Due to the small size and low cost the frame of the suitcase generator is not air tight and can cause an electrical fire if exposed to water. Therefore it is best to purchase a small generator cover or place it in a water proof shed. The average run time of the petroleum tank is around 5 hours at its maximum output. The diesel models may last for longer and produce less exhaust unlike the petroleum models. However the diesel models are hard to find as diesel engines are only used in heavy duty generators.

The suitcase generator is the ideal generator for homes and camps. It is made for outdoor scenarios and can help keep essential appliances running for several hours. The usefulness of this generator has expanded even into the military. Battery powered versions are available on the internet. A battery powered suitcase generator is lighter and produces significantly less exhaust. Using a battery powered suitcase generator can help save money in the long run. However the battery may need replacement over extended periods of time. In the scenario of an extended blackout there will be no way to charge the battery powered suitcase generator

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