Synchronous Generator

There is no doubt that 99% of the people have an idea of what kind of machine the generator is. They do know it is used for producing electricity and could even name a couple of brands producing the best generators in the world. However, if people are asked what a Synchronous generator is then the percentage of those who know what it is would be like 30 times smaller.

So what you are going to be informed about in this article is why a synchronous generator is used. You are also going to find about it is so much different from the other types of brands existing on the market. Of course advantages and disadvantages of the product will be pointed out also. Obviously, a lot of work is waiting to be done; so let’s start.

First of all, the so called synchronous generators are used for producing small amounts of electricity which could be enough for like 5-6 hours or even less. This kind of generators are perfect for camping or any other places where you need electricity so that you have access to the most basic electronic equipment such as laptops, TVs or bulbs. In other words, the usage of these generators for providing your mobile home with energy would not be appropriate due to the small amounts of electricity generated.

But what makes the synchronous generator absolutely different from the others is the energy which it uses. Perhaps you’ve heard about all kinds of generators: some of them use coal to produce electricity (that’s really rare) whereas others need natural gas (mainly propane) so as to be able to produce electricity. But that kind of generators need something much cheaper. You may not believe it but a synchronous generator needs nothing else but the power of magnets.

That’s right. The magnets’ energy could also be used for the producing electricity. Perhaps, you can come up with the great advantages all that gives by your own. But let’s mention them just in case anybody cannot think of them. First of all, the main advantage is that using the magnets’ power is for free. You will not need to spend money on propane or any other kind of natural gas. Another great thing is you will not do harm to the planet in any way as there will be absolutely no emissions released. And what could I mention about the period of usage? Perhaps, you think the magnets’ power can be used forever once the magnetic field has been created. Unfortunately, there is an occurrence called ‘demagnetizing” of the magnetic field. That’s what makes a synchronous generator used for not much longer than the other propane-using ones.

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Thanks for this article. Sounds like the Synchronous Generator is exactly what I'm looking for.

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