The Best Generator

The importance of a generator needs not be understated. It is during blackouts and power outages that their advantages are brought to the forefront. If you reside in area that is plagued by unpredictable weather patterns that may interfere with the power supply and cause an outage, investing in a generator is one thing that you need to do. Different people have different power needs, and the best generator for one person, may be inappropriate for someone else. These needs are explored briefly, and hopefully with the guide, you can choose the best generator for you.

You first have to ask whether you really need the generator. If you have been using renewable energy sources, the power you generate can be stored and used as a backup. If you rely on the power company for all your power needs, then a generator might be something to consider buying. What are the energy requirements of your household on average? Think of the most important appliances in your house, and the wattage they consume. The appliances include your air conditioning unit, your stove and refrigerator, and possibly your TV as well. You should also think about your lighting- considering every frequently used room. Total up the wattage used up, and find a generator that can produce that much power.

What kind of generator would you want for your home- a portable one, or a standby one? A stationary generator is preferred when your property is big enough to demand a huge power supply. These generators are automatically powered when you inadvertently run out of power. They are more expensive, and usually require installation. Portable generators can be used in any location, are cheaper, and require no installation. They don’t produce as much wattage, so you might not be able to run the appliances in your home simultaneously.

The best generator should be easy to fuel, so you should consider the fuel sources that are readily available to you. There are natural gas generators, gasoline, diesel and propane powered generators. It is assumed that you have access to at least one fuel source. How frequent do your power outages last? This is related to how many hours of power you need. For smaller generators, you get at least 3.5 hours, while bigger ones will give you at least 15 hours. There are others that run so long as fuel is available. With these factors, the best generator is the one that will meet your needs.

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