Thermoelectric Generators

Thermoelectric generators are not the most popular of generators out there. There are many reasons for this. The thing about them is that they do work, they have been proven to work, but they only work with about 5 to 10% efficiency. So if you could somehow measure heat in units of 100, then even the best of thermoelectric generators would still only conserve about ten of those units at best. This is not enough efficiency to warrant them being mass produced and sent everywhere around the world, but you must remember the key to generators is that they are sustaining. A good generator uses no energy of its own in order to perform its operation. In other words you do not have to flip a switch or anything to get it to work.

If done correctly a good generator of any kind takes no turning on or anything like that and should just work. So even though there is not a ton of efficiency with thermoelectric generators, their influence and help should not be discounted. If measuring heat in terms of price, then imagine installing a thermoelectric generator right next to a heater. If you installed it right next to the heater then yes you would still be spending heat from an external electric source, but with this new generator absorbing some of the heat each time, even if it only got 5%, you could use that 5% energy to heat your house for a couple of days and that would be 5% less you have to pay on your electric bill.

This also increases with each generator you install. This is not limited to one only, and you can install as many as you want to get the desired effect. Of course even if you installed 100 you would still not get to 100% efficiency because there would be heat lost to the environment, to the walls of your house, to your own skin, etc. But it might be a good idea to have some around your house, especially in a place that gets really hot like Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico or even if you live in a place like Alaska and have to run the heater all the time, it would still make sense. You don’t have to be rich to afford them either. Because of their relative unpopularity they are some of the cheapest generators out there and you can probably still get tax breaks for having thermoelectric generators all over your house since the government loves any kind of saving you can do.

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assisted living costs said:

I don’t think thermo electric generators are used widely anymore. With all those efficient generators in the market this has just become useless for everyone. I think it is time to move on from this. And that is what I think.

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