Tri Fuel Generator

Before knowing about tri fuel generators it is really important to know what they really are, a tri fuel generator is basically a generator that supports up to three types of fuel as its energy resource. This energy resource might be, LPG, CNG, Natural Gas, Diesel, or might be Gasoline as well! A tri fuel generator usually supports any three of the above mentioned energy resource. You may find a great number of companies that deals in tri fuel generators, which include Honda, Yamaha and many other big Names.

The question often arises that, why one should select a generator that supports more than one source of energy or fuel, as his needs can be utilized from a single fuel generator as well? The answer is, buying a single fuel generator limits you to stick with a single source of energy, which means that if you buy a single fuel generator that works on gasoline or diesel then you would be limited to that source of fuel, you cannot use any other source of fuel for power generation until or unless you buy an extra gadget or convert it into the other source of fuel, which is surely a time consuming task and along with that it also reduces the life of your single fuel generator, moreover the manufacturers also recommend that one should not go with conversion as it damages the parts of a generator.

However a tri fuel generator gives you the flexibility to use any of the three type of fuel resource for the power of generation, which gives you the flexibility to go with any of the three fuel resources, which means that if you run out of any of the fuel resource or if you are not able to find a specific fuel for your generator then you can go with the other fuel resource which surely gives you a lot of convenience.

The prices of such tri fuel generators are usually higher than single or dual fuel generators; however the facility it provides you is surely higher than the single or dual fuel generators. These tri fuel generators are usually energy efficient and require less energy to give maximum output and require a little amount of oil as compared to single or dual fuel generators.

However you can buy such tri fuel generators from a number of places, whether it would be from the manufacturer’s outlet or from any local authorized dealer, however you can also find them on number of online stores as well, which ships your desired tri fuel generator within the period of 3 to 7 business days, however the quality and reliability will still be the same!

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